Seagulls are serious pests

I read with interest your front page headline last Friday regarding the gulls and the postman.

Why do so many people seem to be ignoring a growing serious problem in Eastbourne – the fact that the gull population in and around our properties is growing out of control?

Before I get bombarded with the usual rubbish saying that “Eastbourne is a seaside town, what do you expect?”, let me put forward another side to this issue – a side which I think you’ll find is supported by many of the population of Eastbourne.

All residents of this town are aware of the gulls - it is of course a part of life in any seaside resort. But these birds should be found along the seafront area.

The lady in your front page article lives far from the seafront. In fact I live even further from Eastbourne seafront – it would be hard to live any further from it than I do – and I have to put up with these pests. Yes - I said pests.

According to the Eastbourne Borough Council website, the Herring Gull (the only gull that seems to invade our properties inland) is recognised as a pest, and in fact the EBC website has a whole section on gulls listed under “Pest Control Advice”.

The Herring Gull has become a serious pest in and around Eastbourne, and its numbers are now way too high.

They are noisy, aggressive, smelly and cause damage to property.


Den Hill.