Rubbish is now festering

The new ‘three bin’ waste collection programme began in Westham at the end of July. A ‘recycling’ bin, a garden waste bin and the regular ‘refuse waste’ bin.

The recycling and waste bins are supposed to be collected on alternate weeks. The recycling has been collected regularly.

However, as of today ( August 6) it has now been three weeks since our, and everyone in the immediate area (and possibly other areas of Westham), waste bins were last emptied.

Three weeks of waste crammed into these bins. Three weeks of temperatures hitting up to 30 degrees C. With the bags of food waste festering (we have had to ‘triple-bag’ it all!). The putrid smell is now forcing us to keep the bins away from the houses.

Telephone calls and emails to Wealden District Council’s Waste Management department have been to no avail. The best response has been from their automated website, which states the “they will get a collection out to us as soon as they can” and to “leave the bins out ready for collection”.

I strongly suspect that these bins will not now be emptied until another week has gone by, when next due date for a collection arrives.

I would dearly love to hear someone at the Waste Management department explain why they have been unable to organise a regular waste collection from this area of Westham, when the Recycling collections are made with no problems.


High Street, Westham.