Robust opposition is the only option

Recent editions of the Herald have featured the controversial plans to build homes on the site adjacent to Kings Drive.

My quote was reprinted accurately but there appears to be some misunderstanding arising from the overall newspaper report, so I would like to put the record straight.

Your readers will be well aware of my long-standing opposition to any building on the land.

After we lost the planning decision to the Planning Inspector, I knew the only chance the town had was to delay.

If no building is started or if no reserved matters application made before October 2013, the whole proposal falls off the table.

Consequently, in my meeting with the Duke of Devonshire I emphasised just how opposed local residents were to the development Chatsworth Estates had put forward with Taylor Wimpey.

Nothing then happened for a year and a half which was good news. However, we have now heard the land is up for sale, with the planning permission attached.

Again, our only option is to make our case as robustly as we can to any potential new developer so they understand that despite planning permission being granted by the Inspectorate, against the wishes of Eastbourne, I and the local community will continue to mount a vigorous opposition to any new development on this precious green field site.

Will such an approach work? I don’t know but it has to be worth a try, as was my original intercession with the Duke of Devonshire.

Meanwhile, it is vital that the town continues to work together constructively on this issue if we are to be at our most effective; across community, the council and across all interested parties, including local ward councillors.

Stephen Lloyd MP

Bradford Street