Responding now will save lives

I WANT to draw Gazette readers’ attention to an unfolding humanitarian crisis that is going largely unnoticed by the world.

In West Africa, over 10.5 million people are running out of food and starvation is imminent.

While no amount of funding can make the rain fall in the region, there is still time to minimise the devastation by helping families to prepare for this emergency and stop them running out of food completely.

I support CARE International UK, which has been working in the region for many years and is working to stop this turning into a humanitarian catastrophe while raising the alarm about the situation.

I urge your readers to help – please visit and make a donation, however small.

It is a well known fact that every £1 invested in avoiding disaster at an early stage saves at least £4 that would be spent on disaster relief at a later stage.

That is a good reason to act now, but the real reason to take action has to be that we have it in our power stop the suffering of children who, through no fault of their own face increasing hunger and starvation in the coming months.

Responding now will save money but more importantly it will save lives.


Bradford Street.