Residents have lost out once again

You are right Miss Mundy (letters, July 6) re: the noise and disturbance in Seaside, not forgetting the vandalism and theft as experienced by other residents in the vicinity.

Anti-social behaviour should not have to be tolerated by anyone, we all have the right to live in quiet enjoyment – this is a level of expectation we should all have whilst living in our own homes.

We personally have been engaged in ‘battle’ with the local council and central government since 2005 (new licensing laws) and have written evidence of our efforts to this effect.

Our most recent battle being an objection to another application for an alcohol licence and guess what?

We the residents lost out again. Our extremely valid concerns were ignored.

Over the past six months the council has issued alcohol licences to approximately 14 premises.

These along with public houses, discos and hotels already in situ can only increase the availability of the purchase and supply of alcohol which perpetuates and incites the existing problems.

A Facebook site has recently been launched with the assistance and support from the local police for the town centre, which will enable other residents to comment or state their concerns and experiences.

This gives everyone an opportunity to stay in touch at any time and a chance to discuss ideas and issues that may need further support. (Facebook Eastbourne Town Centre Panel)

Stuart and Jenny Lear, Elms Avenue.