Regeneration or recession victim?

AS A relative newcomer to Eastbourne I have been delighted by the scenery, the Towner, the tennis, the people, and the growing number of events that make it a great place to live.

We as a family would love to see Eastbourne grow and prosper offering opportunities for both residents and holidaymakers alike.

I would welcome the extension on the Arndale Centre. It would provide a greater variety of outlets and make Eastbourne a more attractive destination for shoppers who may at the moment seek to go to Lewes or Brighton in search of the things they need.

I feel without this regeneration Eastbourne will become another casualty of the recession.

Currently there are so many vacant shops in Eastbourne. I feel this is not because there isn’t the clientele for these shops, rather that people who work and have money to spend often don’t have time to shop in multiple places and choose to shop somewhere more attractive in terms of variety.

Updating and extending the Arndale Centre, especially if parking costs can be kept low, is potentially a fantastic opportunity for Eastbourne to develop into a more attractive place to shop and live. Why don’t we just get on with it?


Decoy Drive