Privatisation with destroy the postal service

I am writing to express my concern and disgust at this Tory led government’s actions in privatising Royal Mail.

This is an act of vandalism that will destroy a functioning service, already owned by the people and will ultimately destroy the universal service and abandon people living in the countryside and other isolated areas.

It is also an attack on small business. This shows that the government are committed to undermining the fabric of British Society.

The arguments that have been put forward for privatisation are vacuous, economically illiterate and serve no purpose other than enriching Hedge Funds and other City spivs.

As with all privatisations, the majority of shares will end up being held by overseas investors and the real incentive is to asset strip the property holding of RM , not to provide a service.

It will also destroy the terms and conditions of the current and future workforce.

Any analysis of the model that has been used to privatise the Dutch Postal Service in the Netherlands will show the problems that will be faced after RM privatisation.

It has now been concluded that the governments share pricing is well below the valuation of the business. The government has already skewed the market by guaranteeing purchasers a dividend. Again, the only people who will make substantial gains from this privatisation will be in the City and this will be judged when the shares are floated on the stock market.

The people who will lose are the British public.


Fairlawns Drive,