Politicians should stop trying to ruin our NHS

ABOUT eight months ago I wrote to the Herald about the Health Minister Mr Lansley and his proposed NHS alterations along these lines.

We learn now of Mr Lansley’s apology for not telling people about his proposed changes to our NHS.

It appears he did not tell Mr Cameron either, or did he? Before the General Election he must have known what his proposals were going to be.

He had been working on them for about seven years. It looks almost as if he was keeping his plans secret.

We are now finding that thousands of GPs, nurses, doctors, consultants and many other staff employed in hospitals, (the list goes on and on), have declared that the changes being forced on the NHS are causing harm, before the NHS bill to implement them, has even gone through Parliament.

They are calling for the bill to be withdrawn. I believe that what they are saying is true, but their political masters are ignoring them.

One Minister has even said he is ‘baffled’ despite the overwhelming opinion of the staff.

The Prime Minister was reduced to claiming in the Commons that a GP in Doncaster thought that Mr Lansley was right.

It is time that politicians listened to the people and stopped this nasty game they are playing. It is our NHS, not theirs.

After all none of them ‘won’ the General Election and this unwanted bill is not ‘in the national interest’.


Leyland Road, Pevensey Bay