Parking charges are an obvious money-making scheme

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Having a Disabled Badge I parked outside on the yellow line and then backed to get away from the corner and in doing so my rear wheel encroached into the loading bay.

As this was in the evening and all the shops were closed I thought this was permissible. Clearly not. So OK, I got a ticket and I accept that.

What gets me rattled is that the ticket was issued at 9:06PM and for using space that quite obviously was available. So, in these austere times I wonder how the council are managing to pay for the overtime for the warden?

Of course, from the fines that they collect in an obvious move to catch motorists. This surely is a money making scheme. I would also question as to why the loading bays are also out of bound at that time in the evening?

Once again, this is a move that will not encourage people, especially those visiting for the tennis, to use this area in the future. The result being local business will ultimately suffer.

Still, when I drove home I counted 31 pot holes. Can I expect these to be repaired from the money collected? Yeah, right!!


Station Road, Polegate.