Parents should get a grip

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On Tuesday, August 6th at about 6.45pm, myself, my husband and our two young daughters were taking a stroll along the beach, when we were shocked to notice two young children throwing stones and water at a pigeon which was desperately trying to get away.

They continued to chase it down the beach screaming and throwing things at it. The whole time, the group of adults they were with who were sitting right there (it looked like the parents and grandparents) did nothing except have smug grins on their faces, like they were pleased with what the ‘children’ were doing.

They have obviously never been told that type of behaviour is wrong and with the adults condoning it, they will, I’m sure continue with their nasty behaviour.

We were left upset by it and when we walked up to the promenade, another family mentioned to us that they had also noticed it and were appalled.


Broad Road, Willingdon