Opposition to badger cull is rational

I am responding to Michael Morland’s letter criticising the decision to postpone the badger cull.

Eminent animal disease experts described the planned badger cull as a ‘costly distraction’ that actually risked making the problem of tuberculosis in cattle worse.

Opposition to the cull, from people in all walks of life including scientists, the public and those in the farming community, has been based on rational thought, derived from examination of past experience and current evidence.

Apart from the humane aspect it has been proved that slaughtering badgers simply doesn’t resolve the problem of TB in cattle.

Our MP Stephen Lloyd should be commended for responsibly supporting the campaign to postpone plans for a cull.

Many thousands of people in this country are hoping that, in delaying the cull, significant time will now the made for a properly thought-through plan, based on sound evidence, to sustainably tackle TB in cattle – rather than desperately resort to ‘quick fix’ mass slaughter.


Beachy Head Road.