Nuclear threat is scary

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George Farebrother (Gazette April 30) reminds us that all British prime ministers have reserved the options of using nuclear weapons.

It is scary, every country could say the same .When you think that our justification for having them is that they are a “ deterrent”. Would we be safer if all countries had them?

In Oslo in March the Norwegian government hosted a conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons on human health, the environment, economics and development.

One hundred and twenty-seven countries concluded that resources to deal with the horrific effects of even one nuclear strike would be woefully inadequate; and that a limited strike on a few cities would swirl radio-active smoke around the world.

The only safeguard is their total elimination, everywhere. All the major nuclear weapon states including the UK refused to participate except India and Pakistan.

Britain, as well as most countries are cutting back on spending because of their deficit.

If the nuclear weapons states would agree on nuclear disarmament, look what we could spend on essential services, as well as not living under the cloud of nuclear weapons.


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