No wonder our roads are getting worse

I readily admit to having uttered a hollow laugh on reading your front page article in last week’s Gazette” This item referred to the abundance of potholes throughout the town.

For several months now, I have been pleading with ESCC Highways Authority to carry out repairs to Brodrick Close, which services the Tesco store at Hampden Park, as well as a County library, a Health Centre, and several large recycling bins.

As a result, this Close is under immense daily stress, including HGV delivery lorries. Because of this constant wear and tear, the road surface at the actual entrance is breaking up, literally on a daily basis, making the situation very hazardous for all types of traffic.

Additionally, there is also a very large pothole adjacent to the library. What makes the situation even worse, is the fact that when I actually submitted photographic evidence of the road surface to Highways, they initially denied being responsible for it’s upkeep!

However, when I maintained the pressure, they did further research and reluctantly agreed that they were! Seems to be a constant problem of the “left hand syndrome”.

Now, one of Hampden Park’s Borough Councillors is also the town’s present mayor, namely Mike Thompson. Whereas I accept that he is kept quite busy with his mayoral duties, he still has an obligation to look after his ward.

However, having kept him fully informed of my campaign to get necessary repairs done, he has yet to respond to my plea for him to become personally involved. Nor has he had the courtesy to reply to my e -mails.

With this kind of apparent complacency, no wonder our roads continue to further deteriorate.