No regrets over my eye operation

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I READ Richard Morris’ article in last week’s Herald about cataract surgery at the Jubilee Eye Suite at the DGH, and would like to share my recent experience with readers.

I have always been very short-sighted, so much so I could not see well enough to drive, even with the best lenses I could get.

Over the last two years I became a lot more short-sighted and my optician said this was due to cataracts and referred me, via my GP, to the hospital.

On September 22 last year I went to the eye clinic outpatients, where I was assessed and measured for lens replacement.

They sent me an appointment for October 19. This I did, and saw Mr Wearne, as Richard wrote, a charming enthusiastic man.

He replaced my worst lens in the afternoon. It was a very comfortable procedure; the worst bit was the anaesthetic but well worth it.

The next day, when I took off the shield, I could see like I had never seen before, without spectacles.It was a whole new world.

I have since had the lens replaced in my other eye, so now I only need reading glasses, not surprising for a 72-year-old.

I can now walk the streets without specs and have to get a new photograph for my bus pass.

I could now learn to drive, but at my age I don’t think I will bother. So if they say you need cataract surgery I say ‘go for it!’

I thank the DGH for this and other treatment I have received there - especially all the nurses and other staff, who I feel do not get sufficient praise.


Barons Way, Polegate