MP should be commended

IN response to the criticism by Councillors Murdoch and Belsey, and Norman Collier of the motives of Stephen Lloyd MP in the recent article regarding the King’s Drive development site, I am neither an idiot nor naïve but I do not consider I was given false hopes by our MP.

The report clearly stated that this site could be sold on with planning permission.

Also, Stephen Lloyd’s contact with the Duke of Devonshire is well documented and his efforts are to be commended.

I hope our councillors do not depart from the cross party support in opposition to this development and find further creative ways in this respect.

However, if they have given up on this particular issue perhaps, they could give further attention to the increasing problem of the Rodmill Estate being used as a car park, and the more recent problem of parking on Kings Drive opposite the proposed development site, which sometimes includes large commercial vehicles and thus leads to single line traffic.

Traffic congestion was a key objection to the development of housing on the King’s Drive site and, but for the dubiously motivated failure of the East Sussex County Council’s Highways Department to support it, could have been successful in preventing planning permission.

Kings Drive is a principal artery into Eastbourne and is frequently used by emergency services vehicles.


Burton Road.