MP is giving the residents false hope

I WAS amazed to read the article in the Herald about Kings Drive last Friday.

It read like a Lib Dem leaflet, not an article written by Annemarie Field.

As a local councillor who lives in Kings Drive, and been to the fore in opposing the applications, I feel that our MP is putting false hopes to the residents.

We all know the Duke got the planning permission to increase the price of the land and it is that simple.

The Duke had no intention of building it, he is not a developer.

I am gobsmacked that our MP seems to take us all as idiots and that we do not know the facts.

He has no chance at all of stopping the development of this land.

There will be many out there who worked hard against the planning who will feel our MP is just trying to make political fodder out of his article – yes, his article, not the Herald’s.


Kings Drive