Modern thinking not twee platitudes

THE twee platitudes and clichés of Steve Fuller and Mark McFadden were so 1950s thinking as to wonder what arrested their development as they passed from childhood into adulthood.

Eastbourne for them is all about shopping. Not a word about the need for sublime architecture or a ‘wow great to be alive’ environment fit for 21st century educated human beings living and growing up in this town.

From Mr Fuller we got, “The proposed scheme will significantly improve the shopping experience in the Arndale”.

How does he know? More BHS type chain stores will be an improved shopping experience will it? It may be in Mr Fuller’s Hove.

But more of the same does not constitute better. And why will Mr Fuller come to Eastbourne as ‘a major shopping attraction’ when he has all the same stores in Brighton 30 miles closer to where he lives. Or is he contemplating moving to Eastbourne because of the refurbished Arndale?

And how will the ‘closed world’ of more shops within the Arndale improve the central thoroughfare of our town; the appalling greasy spoon Terminus Road.

A more down-at-heel embarrassing uninspiring ‘high street’ is hard to imagine. Similarly, quite how will locking more shops into the Arndale improve the filthy, grotesque Seaside?

Sorry Mr Fuller you are talking specious nonsense. Your type of twee platitude has reduced Eastbourne town centre into the visually ugly mess it is today. Stay in Hove. We need modern thinking here.

Ditto Mark McFadden (president Eastbourne and District Chamber of Commerce). Do you guys ever travel? Do you go for example to France?

How you can utter the words ‘such a beautiful town’ about the town centre of Eastbourne indicates either you are visually impaired (I am sorry if you are) or you use the English language in a form the rest of us do not experience.

You must be a reasonably wealthy guy Mr McFadden. Why not take a trip to Cannes. It is everything Eastbourne could be. It is everything Eastbourne is not. It is beautiful. It is dynamic. It is thrusting. It inspires. It is constantly improving.

The equivalent of our disgusting nauseating Terminus Road is a beautiful thoroughfare lined with bougainvillea and beautiful shops.

It does not lock its shops away in an ugly closed world 1970s mall like the Arndale. It proudly displays them side by side on a long ‘high street’. Cannes is a town fit for the 21st century. Eastbourne is a town centre living in an ugly past.

Please guys, clichés and platitudes are for dumbos. Eastbourne deserves better than the inane, banal nonsense you both gave us. Get out more and visit the world and see how other towns do it before uttering such absurd tosh. If you do not have something new and positive to inspire us, best stay silent.


Harbour Quay