Mindless vandalism is just plain moronic

Why is it that we have complete idiots in life that have no respect for others property, no morals and no sense at all of what is right and what is wrong. If we could rid this planet of life’s undesirables, in the words of Louis Armstrong, ‘what a wonderful place this would be’.

Last Saturday afternoon, one of said morons, reversed into the side of my car in Cornfield Terrace. They hit my car so forcefully the door caved, the window mechanism failed and it had to be taken away on a recovery vehicle.

There is absolutely no way that this person didn’t realise what had happened, yet drove away leaving no note, no insurance details, nothing. Did they battle with their conscience? I doubt it. In fact I doubt they have one.

I have protected no claims but my insurance will suffer anyway, should I be unlucky enough to have another incident then this act alone will cost me several thousand pounds.

If you are reading this I hope the pangs of guilt will force you to consider contacting me, but I will not hold my breath.

Should anyone else reading this have witnessed this damage I would be eternally grateful if you would contact me.

STEVE FIELD, Red Tiles, Lion Hill, Stone Cross.