Manor is being lovingly cared for

ALL those that supported our campaign to save the beautiful old building that is now known as Gildredge Manor are delighted to see the restoration that is taking place.

Since last autumn the new owners have worked extremely hard to make the property watertight, and to restore and decorate both the interior and exterior of the building.

Although not completely finished the result is stunning.

It is so good to see the building being loved and cared for once more with students using the main rooms.

Part of the building will become a family home and in the future it will be possible for the gallery space to be used by individuals, local groups and the wider community.

What a wonderful outcome to a long, sad tale of misfortune and neglect.

Many thanks to all at TOTP who helped and supported our cause and all good wishes and congratulations to Emma Chamberlain, her family and the Chamberlain School of English.


Prideaux Road.