Look for the facts over Syria, Mr Llloyd

ing canvassed for Mr Lloyd in the past it does worry me how politically naive he is to think that Mr Cameron would wait for a second vote to go to war.

Do we not remember the past, Mr Blair and WOMD con, perhaps he should look at British/American enrolment in Iraq and Afghanistan, were pointless lives have been lost, on both sides, trying to impose our will and way of life on to a different culture.

If you look at American involvement in foreign affairs you have a pattern emerging, look at the disaster of both Korea and Vietnam they destabilised a democratic government in Chile in 1973,involvement in Death squads in Nicaragua, the CIA working with a right wing Government in Argentina to kill thousands of innocent people, “the lost””, as they say there.

Or shooting down a civilian plane in Cuba.

So please Mr Lloyd if you are going to vote for war look at the facts, and the History. War in Syria would just make matters worst!


Prideaux Road.