Lifeboat is a fitting tribute to jubilee celebrations

GREAT news for Eastbourne that the new £2.7million lifeboat, which is destined for the town by the end of June, has been made ready to take part in a pageant to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations (Eastbourne Herald, February 17).

The Tamar-style lifeboat took to the water for the very first time 60 years to the day when the Queen first sat on the throne.

The lifeboat, which has been called the Diamond Queen to mark this very special occasion will take part with more than a thousand other vessels on the River Thames in the pageant in the summer before going into full service in Eastbourne in late June.

I am sure that the crew who will have just finished training in time for this great event on the new lifeboat, which replaces the current all-weather lifeboat which is 20 years old, will be very proud to take part in the once in a lifetime event.

I am delighted that the £2.7 million lifeboat has been funded by two generous legacies and other great local fundraising efforts.

I am sure that when the detailed tests and trials begin in May, all will be well and Eastbourne will have a modern up-to-date lifeboat to serve the town well.

All those who go to sea never knowing when they could be in great danger and needing her services.


Rowan Avenue, Hove.