Lib Dems determined to destroy Manor Gardens

DEREK LEGG is wrong to assert that the issue of Manor Gardens skate park was politicised by the Upperton councillors (Herald, November 25).

It was politicised by the Liberal Democrats in the shameful way they hid their plans from the electorate at the May elections.

Whenever a crassly stupid decision is made, often a politician’s ego is not far away.

From the initial budget of £85k available from the lottery, a temporary road will need to be built through Gildredge Park.

I have not seen formal costings yet, but have heard the figure of £50k mentioned which does not seem unlikely.

On top of this, further money needs to be allocated for the repositioning of the basketball courts, plus money for the erection of a 2.5 metre high sound barrier and new fencing.

A few thousand has probably already been spent on the noise report.

While the actual costs seem to be being kept a secret, probably because they are too embarrassing for the council to admit, it seems unlikely that there will be more than £10k left for actual skate park equipment.

Is this what the majority of potential users want rather than all the money being spent on equipment at Cross Levels Way, where there will be no restrictions imposed due to noise?

It seems the local skate boarders are being forced to accept a vastly inferior facility merely because Councillor Heaps and her Liberal Democrat colleagues are determined to destroy Manor Gardens.


Compton Place Road