LETTERS: Town is so depressing

After reading the letters in today’s Herald ref cycling on the prom – what are our council trying to do to our once lovely town of Eastbourne?

I and my husband owned a guest house in Pevensey Road, so we have a long history, we have moved away, and returned, finishing with a greengrocers in Cornfield Terrace nearly 20 years ago.

But now, this town, we find so depressing – last night really hit home, we went to the Hippodrome to see Bugle Boy – congratulations to all the people who have worked so hard to bring this theatre back to life – but oh, walking from the car, the mess the state of the houses and shops is a disgrace, and their wheelie bins overflowing, black plastic bags split, and contents spread around, what vermin all this must attract, rats, foxes, seagulls.

But how must visitors feel? If I was a visitor, there would not be a second visit planned.


Channel View Road.