LETTER: What about pensioners using the buses?

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Your heading ‘ Bearing in mind commuters,’ (Herald, July 11) should read “Bearing in mind pensioners.’! Many pensioners attend U3A classes and need to get to classes without having to pay to £2.20 on Stagecoach buses, even if they are one minute before 9.30am.

A. Richards suggests that people wouldn’t mind paying £1 for a journey or £10 per year. The fact that they wait until they can use their bus pass free from 9.30 am shows that they do not wish to pay before that, for something that they have already paid for in the rates and was available from 9 am until recently .

The fact that the government does not give a big enough payment to the council is not the fault of the pensioners. The anger I hear at the bus stop confirms what I am saying .

If we were to be charged say £10 a year for a bus pass, this would be the thin end of the wedge and would gradually increase.

We should be able to travel from 9 am using our bus passes, my local bus number 3 is empty at that time .

But the 9.30 am when we can travel free is so full that the poor pensioners have to stand!

The Greater London Pensioners Association fought hard to retain the travel pass for all the country . The government seems to have changed the time to 9.30 am all over the country, can’t it be reversed ?

Dorothy Forsyth

Member of Greater London Pensioners Association, Meads Road