LETTER: We should be encouraging solar farms

I read and see with interest the various media coverage’s over alternative resources towards our current heat and power demands throughout the country and in today’s modern age is it not right that we should be against this change and only embrace it and support planning applications.

On my travels I come across new solar farms being erected throughout our district, the new wind farm coming off of Newhaven and if memory serves there was some talks over some sort of wood incinerator plant of some description in the Polegate area (believe this is no longer the case and is now mothballed which is a shame).

Is it not time that we embrace this technology as a suitable alternative and with the coverage of potential blackouts looming should we not be promoting these types of systems. The Newhaven incinerator had many objectors in the beginning however this now seems to have passed and reading that they are turning rubbish into energy can only be a good thing for all the environment.

These systems seem to be off the beaten track and don’t appear to be intrusive what so ever and I think, like many I talk to, feel we should encourage this in our area for whatever type can be offered to make our district as self-sufficient as we can.

Chris Spruce

Willingdon Road