LETTER: Very grateful to supporters

For the past 18 months, along with my daughter Abby, we have been fund-raising on behalf of the homeless and vulnerable - raising money for and helping out with The Salvation Army in Eastbourne and The Rockinghorse Children’s Charity.

Thanks to the backing of local businesses we have brought in thousands of pounds to the two charities and are now in the process of planning our next fund-raising year.

We are extremely grateful to the local businesses that support us and also our MP Stephen Lloyd who, upon invitation, attended all of our events - offering enthusiasm, help and support.

Not only did he turn up but he participated and stayed for the whole evening on all occasions - although he didn’t sing at our open mic night, probably a good thing.

He genuinely cares about Eastbourne and I hope that whoever wins the May General Election in this constituency will be as supportive as Mr Lloyd.

He will certainly be getting my vote.

Don McPhee

Bridgemere Road