LETTER: Touching tribute to World War One at theatre

Having read your article in Friday’s July 11 issue about the ReAct theatre company’s production ‘Oh Lovely, What A War’ at the Under Ground Theatre, my husband and I went to see the show on Saturday 19th.

We arrived half an hour early to enjoy a drink and to look around the present exhibition of war illustrations.

The exhibition and the title of the play led to an expectation of a light-hearted performance. How wrong we were, this production was a most touching tribute to the thousand of soldiers who lost their lives under the most horrendous circumstances, as well as the effect it had on their loved ones back home.

The whole show was outstanding, the visual and sound effects made it all the more vivid.

Congratulations to everybody involved in producing and taking part in such a fine commemoration.

B & B Jackson

Selwyn Road