LETTER: Spreading the word on cycleway

I was pleased to see Andy Adams mention Bespoke’s proposed Old Town Cycleway in the Eastbourne Gazette (August 12). Bespoke has been working hard to spread the word on this with articles in the Eastbourne Gazette and Herald, school newsletters, social media, websites, a cycle safari of the route and petitioning outside schools, but it seems not everyone has heard of it. Mr Adams is concerned that reducing motor traffic speeds around schools, widening and improving pavements so they can be shared, trying to ease a rat run and taking kids away from busy roads by opening up Ocklynge Cemetery as a through route for those on foot or on a bike, will ruin the lives of normal pedestrians. This was the exact opposite of Bespoke’s aims, which is to improve travel for those on foot or on a bike. If more people can be encouraged to travel without driving, this will help reduce traffic congestion throughout the town, and improve road safety. For more information, and to add your name to the 1,500-signature petition which was recently presented to East Sussex County Council by Cllr John Ungar, please visit Bespoke’s website – www.bespokecyclegroup.org.uk


Moy Avenue