LETTER: Shame on the organisers of the remembrance ceremony

As always, my family and I were at the Eastbourne Memorial for the start of the Remembrance service today. By 10.45, when a sizeable crowd had gathered, a vague murmur suggested that something may be happening – but what? Nobody could hear anything discernible but there was a general feeling that proceedings had probably commenced. And yes, they had-but nobody could hear because, unbelievably, there were no microphones, no sound system at all. It was unbelievable that, in this very special year of remembrance, nobody had bothered to ensure that everything was in place, thereby allowing the ‘congregation’ to feel part of the proceedings by hearing what was going on.

Shame on the organisers, who managed to spoil a poignant and moving occasion.

Avril Robertson,

Ocklynge Road