LETTER: Prioritise the pedestrians!

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Pedestrians in Eastbourne are not alone in wondering if our elected representatives care very much for the people that put them into power.

I have written numerous letters to our council leader asking many questions related to the legality of decisions being taken to support a minority group of cyclists.

Only once have I received acknowledgement from him and that came after I requested him to do so.

As pedestrians we are the majority user of space in our town, we all need to bring our council to task on many issues some of which I have outlined in this letter.

Pedestrians should be given priority at all times in terms of town planning.

I have asked why the council are making me less safe at the expense of 826 people who voted (in a closed petition) in favour of cycling on the prom.

Guidelines state that cycling plans must be visionary, cohesive and of strategic consequence.

Pedestrians must feel safe and comfortable in the use of space at all times, this should not be minimised by poor execution of cycle routes.

There is an absolute explosion of cyclists using pavements across town, despite anti-social behaviour being a target for the police I doubt very much that any of us have seen the police take any action, cyclists should be stopped, cautioned and fined.

This lack of action sends a message to residents that if enough people break the law the police will completely ignore it.

Shared space is an absolute last resort in any decision to create new cycle space, if shared space is the only option then pedestrians retain priority at all times.

Given this I am not sure why groups are suggesting and planning to create a shared space environment in Little Chelsea.

I agree the area would benefit greatly from being pedestrianised but, they need to look at best practice here.

Cycle parks at either end of the pedestrian concourse would be perfect with the area being solely for real “footfall”.

I have bought to the council’s attention that they are putting me at increasing risk with their decisions, to move forward with such a proposal in Little Chelsea would be against all principles of best practice.


The Piazza.