LETTER: People should be responsible

I must take issue with Jean Sands’ letter in last week’s Herald where she demeans the part of the town in which I live.

The area around the Hippodrome certainly has many issues, but I think that the overflowing bins, tatty houses and shops are more to do with irresponsible residents and shopkeepers, than the council.

Why can’t people take some responsibility and help ensure that their neighbourhoods are kept to an acceptable standard?

I have attended many meetings lately with fellow residents, local businesses and councillors where I have heard and witnessed the efforts that are going on and helping to turn this part of Seaside around.

Some of the tatty shops that Jean Sands refers to may have been recently purchased by the council and will soon become refurbished homes and new businesses.

Did she not notice the new trees planted in Bourne Street? At last Seaside is seeing some serious investment, much of it secured by the very council she criticises.

I am looking forward to further positive changes over the coming months, and I hope to contribute to those changes, as oppose to sitting around penning unjust and inaccurate accounts of my neighbourhood.


Cambridge Road.