LETTER: No surprises over decision on Seaford tip

Should we be surprised by the decision to restrict hours at Seaford Tip, by East Sussex County Council? This dictatorial body has shown in the past how indifferent it is to the views of the general public, and unfortunately has been given the go-ahead for its actions by East Sussex voters, who it seems remain loyal in this most “true blue” part of the country, continuing to elect majority Tory councils whenever the ballot boxes open.

Didn’t Cameron promise this would be the most “Green government” ever? Well, this is one example of their concern for environmental matters, versus so-called “savings”. No matter to them that so many people will be inconvenienced by this decision, and that fly-tipping might become the norm because of it. There’s only one way to fight any type of dictatorship, and that is at the ballot box. If you don’t like what you are seeing, make sure they don’t get the chance to reinforce their patronising view of all of us when next year’s Election arrives. With the seeming futility of “ protests” at the current time, this is the only option left.

Mary Clarke

Marine Crescent, Seaford