LETTER: No singing or dancing at Seaford post office

Open letter to the post office: Having been aware from Mid-September 2014 that Seaford Main Post Office was being refurbished, I was somehow looking forward to seeing what sort of Post Office we would have post refurbishment!

Having read your “Modernising your Post Office” leaflet issued to Customers prior to the refurbishment, I was looking forward to an all singing, all dancing environment!

Well Mr Skinner, disappointed doesn’t even go anywhere near it, as I would say the re-opening was an unmitigated disaster!

I purposely went down on the afternoon of Monday 13th October and I’m afraid there was no singing, no dancing, only an area full of empty shelving, not all counters open especially the retail counter, where previously you could quickly post a letter if that is all you had!

As for the two screened counters, the poor member of staff manning that counter had to shout to attract the customer queuing out of her line of sight.

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a member of staff with the queue doing a PR Exercise of welcome, explaining the new layout, which changed during the week adding even further confusion.

With all the fanfare blurb about how much you are spending on refurbishments throughout the country, you need to live up to customer expectations and for an organisation such as yours to re-open a main branch with nothing on the shelves whatsoever, you ought to hang your head in shame and if I were your manager you would be fired! According to my internet research you have been involved in many refurbishments, so why couldn’t you get this one right?

If you were in such dire straits, you should have postponed the opening until it was ready to go.

Good job you didn’t have our local MP Norman Baker to launch the re-opening, how embarrassing would that have been!

Lastly I would comment on the lack of staffing.

If you are operating five Serving Positions, you are indicating that they are all open and manned during normal opening hours.

On Friday 17th October there were two staff manning the five serving positions and they looked totally demoralised!

We have enjoyed for many years a nucleus of loyal friendly staff, but I only recognise two ladies, so where have the rest disappeared to!

Someone in authority needs to pull their finger out sooner rather than later and get Seaford Post Office back on track to provide an efficient service which Seafordians deserve.

David S. Chester,

Willow Drive, Seaford.