LETTER: More yellow lines on way for Polegate roads?

I have just viewed the ESCC parking proposals for Polegate and find they are nothing more than an increase in the number of yellow lines throughout the town.

This will not help residents in any way as they will be losing even more “on street” spaces than are currently available.

Victoria Road is just one case in point where approximately eight spaces will be lost to new yellow lines. It seems East Sussex County Council have taken the cheapest and easiest option available without any regard to the real problems of the town. We have an enormous number of commuter cars clogging up the roads from early morning until early evening five days a week (Black Path is a good example). This makes it impossible for visitors who want to shop to find anywhere to park – let alone residents. The Co-Op car park now has a two-hour-only free parking scheme which makes life even more difficult.

The only solution for Polegate is to introduce residents parking permits in all the roads where commuters park – “no parking except permit holders” signs need to be put up in these roads for designated two hour periods (different time periods for different streets) and the commuters will quickly find they cannot leave their cars anywhere in the centre of the town for a whole day.

The beauty of a scheme like this is that visitors can still come and find a place to park.

Of course any scheme like this needs to be policed rigorously in the beginning until the commuters get the message. I don’t believe Polegate needs the draconian parking measures carried out in Lewes but it would be nice now and again to see a traffic warden ticket all the cars in the two- hour parking bay in front of the terrace in the High Street that are left there all day every day making life very difficult for delivery vans and people who want to use the shops.

Wendy Alexander