LETTER: Maybe Eastbourne should go it alone?

If you look at your council tax bill, you may notice that the lion’s share is taken by East Sussex County Council.

However, with the county council’s record of getting things done, what with potholes and lamp posts seemingly taking forever to be repaired, real-time bus displays which never seem to work and pavements with overhanging branches which are especially inconvenient to the disabled you have to ask ‘Are we getting our money’s worth?’.

There’s even problems if you want to report a problem.

Often being shoved from pillar to post, not being sure who is responsible between the borough and county councils.

A trip to Lewes to sort more complicated problems is inconvenient. East Sussex County Council often locks horns with Eastbourne Borough Council over various matters. The county council normally gets their way, and normally ‘their way’ is the least helpful one for Eastbournians.

What with Scottish independence being very much in the spotlight at the moment. Maybe it’s time for Eastbourne to go it alone?

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close.