LETTER: In defence of town’s MP

I am probably among the last people you’d expect to come to the defence of Stephen Lloyd.

Criticism of Members of Parliament is something which comes with the job but when Michael Richards (Gazette, July 1) comes up with misleading statistics which seem to be, as Mary Clarke suggests, an early attempt to undermine Mr Lloyd’s credibility before the next election, they should be addressed.

Stephen’s staff will normally notify him of constituents’ worries and then they will write back on his behalf. It’s a lot easier to print out a form letter saying he’s aware of your concerns and squiggle his name on the bottom but he doesn’t do that.

But let’s compare him to the other MPs who have represented Eastbourne.

Nigel Waterson’s in recent enough memory for you to have your own opinions of him. David Bellotti was impossible to contact and too much of a glory-chaser to care about Eastbourne. He was last seen heading for the safety of Bath pursued by a baying mob of Brighton and Hove Albion supporters.

Ian Gow was, indeed, a very good MP for Eastbourne. However, Eastbourne came a poor second to his concerns about Northern Ireland which ultimately contributed to his untimely and terrible death.

As far as Charles Taylor was concerned. He was the perfect embodiment of Alan B’stard’s opinion of Piers Fletcher-Dervish that ‘Of course, your constituency’s south of Watford where they’d elect a hat stand if it had a blue rosette on it!’.

He was notorious for not speaking in the Commons and his main claim to fame was his hilarious post-retirement appearance on That’s Life when he was drunkenly interviewed on the street by Esther Rantzen while being held up by a friend whilst slurring ‘You’re that toothy-pegs aren’t you?’.

In my opinion l feel that Stephen Lloyd is the most hands-on MP Eastbourne has had in living memory. He’s been locally-based for a considerable time and is therefore perfectly placed for knowing about local concerns.

And just in case anyone is under the illusion that this letter is politically motivated. The day I vote Lib Dem will be during the year that Airbourne features a porcine aerobatics team!

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close