LETTER: I was appalled by the NHS figures.

I was appalled, though sadly not surprised by the figures released by NHS England and quoted in your paper last week .

I am also disturbed by the quote from ESHT that ‘incidents are always reviewed’ . My personal experience when my relative had a very nasty fall is that it went unrecorded by any staff – despite a history of serious problems arising from falls – I had to insist on an x ray and also to see a doctor; fortunately , no further complications arose – but that was not the point – staff chose to deliberately not record the fall nor give any details written or spoken (I was told) to their colleagues at ‘ handover’.

Fortunately my relative had sufficient capacity to alert me and to tell me she was in pain – but this was some eight hours later when I visited .

How many others go unreported in this way ? We can only guess – ‘always’ is not ‘always’ and certainly I was not kept ‘ fully informed’ – the Trust no longer has my trust - a sad indictment of a hospital and its staff - many of whom give exceptional care against all odds but who struggle against a management who simply do not seem to recognise the problems that exist at both DGH and the Conquest , and thus also fail to address concerns.

Patricia Langford

St Mary’s Road