LETTER: I resent the accusation

Re. Joe Cater’s letter in the Herald of June 20 titled, ‘Yellow Lines are Needed,’ which relates to the recent accident of a five-year- old child being knocked down in Central Avenue and residents calling for better safety measures.

I am the little boy’s grandmother and whilst I cannot speak for others who live nearby, I can categorically say that all three of my grandchildren have constantly been made aware that they must always be careful crossing this road.

As a caring granny, I have stressed the safety rule of ‘Look both ways, and look again to check there are no vehicles before crossing the road.’

Yes, the houses do have driveways, but as my daughter and the children’s father are both hard working parents in highly responsible jobs, they each need a car, but there is only room for one vehicle at their property.

I resent the slanted accusation or comparison that my grandson was left to wander into the road unsupervised, whilst his mum and dad were lounging around.

They are both loving, caring parents, work really hard, and in no way are they unemployed benefit scroungers, ‘slobbing about’ smoking, drinking and playing computer games all day.

The accident, when my grandson was hit by a 4 x 4, occurred around 8.30pm, a not outrageously ‘unsuitable’ late hour for a five-year-old to be about at this time of the year.

He and his two siblings had been out for an afternoon and evening’s fun with their father. On returning, as my daughter’s car was in the driveway, the only spare parking space was on the opposite side of the road.

Having parked up, the older children, aged 10 and 12, carefully went over the road.

My littlest grandson got all excited about seeing mummy and started to run.

His daddy desperately tried to grab him, but missed.

Although my grandson was hit by a heavy 4 x 4, fortunately it was travelling slowly, and he suffered just a few cuts and bruises, plus a thumping headache.

He spent 24 hours in the children’s ward at Brighton Hospital, where he was given the finest supervised care.

The concerned car driver has been to visit, and the police say the incident was simply an accident.

Having regularly stayed at this house in Central Avenue, I have noticed that a quite a number of passing vehicles appear to exceed the speed limit.

Speed bumps might help, also they might deter another ‘accident waiting to happen’ – teenage skateboarders who speed downhill in the middle of the road.


Midhurst Road.