LETTER: I applaud the Wish Tower plan

I read the article about possible plans for the rebuilding of a statement building on the prime site at the Wish Tower, incorporating a new memorial to the residents of Eastbourne who suffered through the exigencies of WW11. Following the many fitting tributes in this year to those who lost their lives in WW1, there could be no better time to put this proposal at the top of any agenda. Having been associated with Eastbourne College for over 50 years I know at first hand the way in which the consequence of war devastated that community. The whole school had to be evacuated to Radley College in Oxfordshire, when HMS Marlborough took over all the College buildings, and the 164 ex-pupils of the College lost their lives in the conflict, as well as those College families who lost loved ones through the bombing raids on Eastbourne. I applaud the plan and hope that it might soon come to fruition.

Forbes Wastie

Retired Deputy Head and OC Combine Cadet Corps