LETTER: Holland has the right idea

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I feel I have to respond to Colin Bullen’s letter, July 22, “Desecretion of wonderful part of UK”. I have just moved back to the UK having lived the past six years in the Netherlands. There are wind turbines everywhere, on land and in the sea. They are a wonderful sight to see and I never tired of them. How does he suggest to supply the energy everyone wants? Would he rather have a nuclear power station providing the power, just so long as the station is not in his line of view perhaps?

Also I would like to make a response to the seafront cycling. In the Netherlands I rode my bike everyday. Our car would be sat outside the house for 80% of the year, not being used except for holidays and trips back to the UK. I went everywhere by bike. I have been back here for three months now and have not used my bike at all until last Sunday, July 20, my husband suggested taking the bikes and the dog along the promenade. I reluctantly agreed to this. We had only cycled a few metres and already there were problems. We kept to the left of the path but pedestrians would be walking on both sides. It did not matter that we would try and cycle around these people, they would still tut and be annoyed at us. I was so upset and frustrated by this that I gave up and turned round and went back home. My husband decided to brave the road instead and continued the ride with the dog. He returned home 30 minutes later and said the he would not be doing that again. It is so shortsighted here in the UK. The benefits of cycling are so huge to everyone, young and old. I would see masses of children going to school by bike, the Dutch don’t have ‘school run’ traffic problems. There would be groups of pensioners out on their bikes on trips out. And segregated cycle paths everywhere. I know it would be expensive to have segregated paths here too but until government releases the funding and accepts it has to pay then unfortunately cycling will always be a minor consideration. And yes Colin Bullen, I am a minority.

Jasmine Eaton

Clarence Road