LETTER: Enthusiastic about making films

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I am the first assistant director of a small amateur production company from Eastbourne. We are known as TrueMobster Productions - TMTV for short. TMTV was founded in 2012 by Jay Rainsley and since then has put together a team of confident young film making enthusiasts - myself included.

We produce frequent short films which we then post online through video hosting website YouTube. On September 23 2014, Jay and his team hit the massive milestone of 50,000 YouTube subscribers, as of today the team are averaging a staggering 300,000 views a month. As our fan base expands we look to expand our network of local businesses and local actors to feature within our videos. Our last video for example was supported by two local businesses - a barber in Hampden Park and a tattoo/piercing parlour in the town centre. We are also looking to extend our viewership further than just the internet and plan to begin entering film festivals as soon as 2015.

In recent months we have had actors travel from Southampton, London and even Manchester to be a part of our videos, we have even had actors work with us who has worked with high profile actors such as Danny Dyer.

Our latest video - a real life recreation of the hit selling game Grand Theft Auto - has hit 30,000 views within three days (as of 24/09/2014) and continues to be viewed by thousands daily. As of now our plans for the future lie within finding sponsorships, entering film festivals and expanding our fan base to 100,000 and beyond. We are always keen to have local businesses get involved with our productions and are always on the look out for sponsorship to help us achieve our goals and produce short films using the best quality equipment and resources available.

Matt Neumann

Assistant director, TMTV