LETTER: Britain needs its farmers

I am writing to express our sympathy and support for Steve Hook (Moo Man Fears for Future, Herald 23) who, after years of hard work gaining organic status for his land and establishing a thriving business in a very difficult climate, finds it put at risk by plans to build houses on it.

While we understand the need for housing (especially affordable and social housing) in the area, Hailsham and Polegate have been expected to take a disproportionate amount of Wealden’s housing allocation and Hailsham in particular has seen building on much of its surrounding land.

Britain needs to retain the ability to produce food as well as housing it’s population and building on productive farmland should be avoided wherever possible.

We would encourage those readers who agree to comment on the planning application (wd2014/2617) which will remain open until February 13.

Peter Wright

Northern Avenue, Polegate