Legal obligation to provide service?

EASTBOURNE has many English language schools with students providing a large revenue for the town.

On July 16, I returned late from a trip to London. On leaving the Railway Station, I came across a large number of young students waiting for the 2212 Loop bus to Hampden Park via Langney.

When the single decker arrived, it was already full and overloaded with passengers. Subsequently, the bus left Terminus Road without anyone being allowed on it. A relief bus did not appear and I had to take a taxi home. The students (normally with a limited amount of spending money) had to wait for the last Loop bus, which leaves Terminus Road at 23.25. This is really unacceptable, bearing in mind most were young teenage girls.

It was obvious Stagecoach (the local bus operators) had not scheduled sufficient buses for the large number of students, who wanted to return to the home of their host families.

This incident raises an important issue which should be addressed by the local Borough Council and Stagecoach.

Most students have a bus pass purchased in advance, meaning they have paid for a service the bus company did not provide.

This raises the question – is Stagecoach aware of its legal obligations regarding the issuence of advance tickets?

As far as I am aware, when any ticket is issued and payment made, it forms a legal contract between the company and the person who has purchased it.

The bus company is therefore legally obliged to transport that person from point A to point B at all times, as mentioned in the scheduled bus timetables.

When an inadequate or no service is provided, the person paying for the ticket in advance should be reimbursed for the cost of alternative transport.

Stagecoach should honour its legal obligations, and provide sufficient late evening buses to cater for students and other visitors to this town.


Tanbridge Road