Learner’s crash course in driving?

WHEN we moved to Eastbourne we assumed the quaint driving practised by elderly people with tight white curls or grey hair under flat caps was simply old age unable to cope with today’s high-speed society – things like making sure something is coming before pulling out of a side road and proceeding at 10mph before taking the first turn right (having pulled tight over to the left, of course). But no: it’s all part of their training.

Yesterday I watched in horror as a learner in a driving school car pulled out right in front of me from St Philip’s Avenue on to Seaside and calmly shot over the zebra crossing just as a young mother with baby in pram were about to cross.

How to take years off another driver’s brake pads and mow down a family on a zebra – a crash course in one easy lesson!


Dene Drive, Willingdon