It’s time the council got on with replacing the Wish Tower cafe

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I was the writer of probably the first of the recent letters to the paper regarding what I see as the gradual decline of standards in our once lovely town.

There have bene several responses giving views that are in opposition to my own, fair enough, after all we do live in a democratic society.

However, I feel that it is time to respond to some of the points raised, the most recent being from Jan East (Gazette, June 25) regarding the Wish Tower facilities.

I would respectfully point out that your visit to the new facilities were ‘on a lovely sunny afternoon’.

So what about visits to be made when the weather is less kind, or indeed during the winter?

The old Wish Tower building, altough we are told it was beyond economical repair, provided indoor warm and comfortable facilities with wonderful views 365 days a year.

I believe that it is time the council got on with providing a replacement building that offers modern facilities all year round.


Seven Sisters Roa