It’s a good time to leave ‘nuclear gang’

REGARDING George Fairbrother’s letter on Trident - it seems absolutely ridiculous that in this time of recession many billions of pounds are spent on our nuclear weapons system.

Surely it would be a good example not to ‘join the gang’ but stand out to create a peaceful nation?

We are a small country, and need all our resources for humane measures.

If we set an example hopefully other nations would see how we can consider humanity before aggression?

It has to start somewhere, as this stupid arms race began and snowballed.

Are the leaders of the country trying to conform without having the courage to say ‘no’?

I’d admire them much more, as would very many, I am sure, if they made a stand to improve lives.

It only takes one hot-headed idiot to plunge the world into mass destruction. Let us show an example and opt out.


Spencer Road