Invite to the Wish Tower Restaurant Design Day

WE WERE very sad to read about John Foyle’s reaction to the news the Wish Tower Restaurant is being demolished (Family dismay over decision to demolish Wish Tower, Herald, January 6).

It truly is a tragedy the current building and memorial ended up in such a dilapidated state.

We would like to invite John to our Wish Tower Restaurant Design Day sometime in March (date and venue to be confirmed).

The idea is simple – everyone will be able to gather, share ideas and plan a new building that works for the community and serves as a fitting memorial to the fallen of the Second World War.

Eastbourne Can is a group of local individuals and businesses who want to give something back to the town.

We have no council affiliation and our only agenda is to give the people of Eastbourne the facility they deserve.

John, if you’re reading this, it’d be great to see you at the Design Day so you can give everyone the benefit of your experience.

Please feel free to contact us via the Herald or, if you’re online, visit our website at


Eastbourne Can

St Mary’s Road