If it’s not Tesco, what’s the alternative?

While I agree that a Tesco in South Street will affect local traders, I hope we can keep up enough community spirit to support those traders and help them survive.

At least we’re spared a Tesco in Church Street.

I’m told that Tesco made an offer to Edgmond Church for their site and were told they were already negotiating with the JPK project.

I’m sure they made a much larger offer but Edgmond prefer to support JPK who hope to see the culmination of their 12-year struggle to find a suitable ‘urban’ site.

Sadly some nearby residents objected to the development of the site and Eastbourne councillors turned down the planning application, against the advice of their officers.

The planning appeal will be heard by the Planning Inspector on March 13. I sincerely hope he agrees to give the project permission to go ahead.

Though Edgmond won’t ‘court Tesco they need to sell the site. What alternative development is there?

Perhaps the objectors may offer to purchase it as a car park and use the Grade 2-listed Customs House as a museum.

DEREK LEGG, Beechwood Crescen