How will county council save £85,000 from street lights?

I read with interest the article on street lighting in the Herald last Friday.

I am confused as to how East Sussex CC is expecting to save £885,000 over the next three years.

Over the past months there has been a multitude of new lamp post installed on many streets in Eastbourne, often within a few inches of the post being replaced.

New light units have been installed on each post with the old post being removed. In some locations I note that additional posts have been installed rather than one for one.

I guess that each post will cost well over £1,000 plus the cost of the new light unit, probably many hundreds of pounds. In many instances, the old posts are in perfect order and have many years service still in them.

In my experience, a lamp standard should have a life of over 40 years. Most that I have seen replaced have been erected in the past twenty years or so with the ‘new fittings’ being installed in the last year or two.

With all this expenditure, not counting the labour costs of installation, diversion of the electricity supply, removal and disposal of the old post, how can we council tax payers expect the county council to achieve any saving in the next ten years not just three years.

At this rate we might as well do away with lighting on this scale and return to the dark ages of the 50s when street lighting was a bulb atop a short standard, as still exists on some roads in the town.

Maybe some jobsworth at Lewes could come up with the real cost savings.


Whitley Road.