How times have changed

As the last pre-war Eastbourne County Borough Police Officer I note with considerable regret in the Herald of May 24, the intended closure of the Police Station in Grove Road.

I joined the force in 1938, a year after its opening as the new Police Headquarters of the town.

It occupied a position easily accessible to the public at all times of the day and night.

How times have changed.

It was the operational centre for a very efficient and effective Police Force with a policy of strict law enforcement throughout the town (now referred to as zero tolerance) and resulting in a very law-abiding community.

Today, policing of Eastbourne now deems it surplus to requirements.

Nevertheless, I am certain that many colleagues who joined me after the War and up to the January 1 1968, when the force was compulsorily amalgamated into the Sussex Constabulary, will have similar sentiments regarding the closure of a building which, for so many years, was an important part of local law enforcement.


Former Superintendent Eastbourne County

Borough Police

Montague Way, Westham.